Venue entertainment management

Nothing creates an atmosphere in a venue like live music. Whether it’s a soft acoustic background that complements dining, or the amped-up noise of a band which has everyone on the dance floor, live music has a unique sound and feel that you can’t get any other way.

We’ll work with you to ensure we understand your venue and your patrons to provide the right artists for your entertainment requirements.  We can make live music part of the ambience of your venue in a way which suits your customers and your budget, without hassles.

Managed entertainment

We’ll work out a programme of entertainment that puts live music in your venue which suits your place and your crowd.

No no-shows, no double bookings

We deal with managing all the acts and bookings and making sure your entertainers deliver. No more last-minute phone calls from bands cancelling gigs. If there’s a problem with an act, we’ll sort it. If you need to change or cancel and act, we’ll sort it.

No more brown envelopes

Avoid having to hand over cash to acts on the night and worrying about tax issues. We take care of all payments to acts.

Never having to say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’

No more having to fend off calls from eager performers looking for gigs. Just refer them to us.

Entertainment within your budget

Tell us how much you want to spend on entertainment and we’ll come up with a selection of acts which meet your needs.

Getting the word out

We’ll work alongside you on social media to draw as many patrons as possible to entertainment at your venue.

Free, no-obligation consultation

We’ll come to your venue and learn from you about what you’d like to get from your live entertainment and come up with a plan specifically for you.

One call, hundreds of choices

You only have to make one phone call, or send one email, to book any one of over a hundred different acts.