About Connor Hartley-Hall

Connor Hartley-Hall specialises in a European guitar playing style known as gypsy jazz.

This style of music is ideal for a range of scenarios, from a wedding to a vibing bar.

Connor’s setlist consists mostly of gypsy jazz standards and creates a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere. Using a looping pedal adds to Connor’s already professional sound, guaranteed to add that touch of class to your next event.

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Connor Hartley-Hall setlist

after you’ve gone
all of me
angelo’s caprice
another colour
black orpheus
blue bossa
blue drag
bossa dorado
chega de saudade
claire de lune

dansons mademoiselle
donna lee
douce ambience
fisco place
for coloma
fou rire
i’ll see you in my dreams
isn’t she lovely
it don’t mean a thing

jimmy’s rhumba
joseph joseph
la vie en rose
les copains d’abord
les duex guitares
lulu swing
ma premiere guitarre
made for wesley
made in france
mediterranean sundance

minor blues
minor swing
miro django
montagne sainte-geneviève
mr sandman
notes noir
que pasa
seul ce soir
si tu savais
songe d’automne

sweet georgia brown
swing 48
swing gitan
the godfather theme
valse de wasso